crewman re-touch
25 April 2017

crewman has been finally reworked using bootstrap to be more mobile-friendly. Some nice new functions added, e.g. iCal integration, various e-mail notifications etc.

crewman - MRC1880 app in Google Play Store
31 October 2013

Phonegap/cordova wrapper for crewman setup for M√ľnchener Ruderclub 1880 is published on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

and nasty-web follows...
5 June 2013

The .NET version of the web framework, based on MVC2, is now available at GitHub.

gasty-web on GitHub
22 May 2013

The web framework is now available as a grails plugin, wrapping jasty-web.

The plugin was extracted from the crewman project.

crewman launched
10 January 2013

A new scheduling tool for rowing sport. Also available at

Powered by jasty framework and groovy/grails.

jasty-web on GitHub
4 June 2012

Jasty-web, the Java version of the lightweight AJAX web application framework is now available here. Enjoy! launched!
20 May 2012

Finally, I managed to roll out this web site! Here I'm going to share some of my private software projects that might be interesting to the developer community.

The first one is jasty.web - a lightweight AJAX web application framework for Java/Servlet/JSP. The versions for Groovy/Grails and .NET are already in planning and follow soon!